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Safety and aesthetical improvements to Beacon Hill

Some areas of Beacon Hill have an air of neglect. Most importantly are the pavements. Many areas of the pavements are a trip hazard but it is also unpleasant to walk on uneven and differing surfaces. The economic prosperity of the local shops is greatly affected by their environment. Whilst they can keep their own doorstep clean the wider issue is outside their remit. Surrey County Council has accepted the need to repair the pavements and are looking at ways to fund the project. The area outside Jaycees will be very expensive as the utilities are underneath and the pavement must be strong enough for the delivery lorries.

Shop Front Pavements Path from Car Park To Shops
Above left :- Shop front pavements Above right :- Path from car park to shops

Pavements in Beacon Hill
Pictured above the poor state of pavements in Beacon Hill

Whilst the abundance of greenery at the entrance to Beacon Hill on first sight looks lovely it has become over grown so that passing traffic cannot wee the shops. The bushes need to be trimmed back whilst maintaining the green look. Many of the signs in the village are covered by plants and bushes

View from A287 as you pass the village
View from the A287 as you pass the village

Outside the School
Outside the school

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