Packing Bags for a Better Future



Packing 200 Rucksacks for “School in a Bag (SIAB)” at St. Mary’s C of E Primary School is the beginning of a journey to education and an improved life for poor, orphan and disaster affected children in The Gambia, The Philippines or Fiji. But at the same time it is the long awaited concluding activity of a joint project by the school and the International Committee of Haslemere Rotary.

Both St Mary’s and Rotary got together in November last year to kick off the project of creating awareness and planning activities around SIAB. On 3rd June, St Mary’s School Council organized a Fun Run to raise funds in an afternoon packed with activities and determination. All the children in the school from Reception to Year 6 participated in the Fun Run, supported and sponsored by teachers and parents.

“In total the activity raised £2,283.10 which is beyond any expectation we saw prior to starting the project. The children were very energetic and exciting to support such a good cause” stated Rob Terry, Immediate Past President when handing over the Cheque at the School Assembly on 15th July. Following the Assembly, the School Council children got active again by placing 12 pencils, 10 biro pens, 12 colouring crayons, a pencil case, a 30cm ruler, a math set, 6 exercise books (line/square/plain), a Lunch Box, a Spork and a water bottle into a total of 200 rucksacks. Each will be individually labelled to become traceable – to where in the world it has been sent and who has received it. The bags will then be distributed via School in a Bag, based at Home Farm in Somerset.

There are so many things an individual can contribute to supporting local and international communities, far beyond giving pennies for a good cause. If you enjoy social activities whilst supporting your communities why not contact the Club and come along to a meeting? Please visit for more details.

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